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The getExistingContext and getExistingContextOrStartNewOne methods of the BindingManager have been deprecated in favor of the shorter getContext methods, which do the same as the old getExistingContextOrStartNewOne methods. It is no longer considered necessary to get an Optional<BindingContext> as the creation of the context is rather cheap and would happen sooner or later anyways.

Existing code can be migrated via the migration script migrate.sed. The easiest way to use this migration script is to copy the migration script and the execution script into the project directory and run "./ -s migrate.sed" in your terminal. The script can be executed in any terminal that supports shell scripts, including the git bash.

Updated Dependencies

linkki's dependency to org.apache.commons:commons-lang3 was updated to the latest version (3.9). All dependency versions are now listed in the documentation at Dependencies.

Cleanup of linkki.scss, LinkkiTheme

linkki uses some predefined styles that can be included in client applications. The class names for styles that are relevant for linkki-core are defined in LinkkiTheme, those relevant for application-framework are defined in LinkkiApplicationTheme. The styles for these class names are then defined in linkki.scss.

Because of some refactorings in the past, there were some unused styles as well as unused style name constants. These are now removed and listed below. If any of those is still used in your client code, please consider to remove the usage of the constants or create your own style/constant.

Removed constants in LinkkiTheme:

  • MENU_WRAPPER = "linkki-menu-wrapper"

  • FIXED_HORIZONTAL_SPACER = "linkki-fixed-horizontal-spacer"

  • LOGIN_PANEL_CAPTION = "linkki-login-panel-caption"

  • LOGIN_PANEL = "linkki-login-panel"

Removed styles from linkki.scss

  • .linkki-login-panel

  • .linkki-login-panel-caption

Constants moved from LinkkiTheme to LinkkiApplicationTheme





The values as well as the SCSS of the moved constants stay unchanged.