Creation of a UI with linkki


A group of input fields or a table is called a Section. Additionally to the content, a section can have a title. If it does, that title is visually delimited by a line in the title bar. Without a title, a section isn’t directly recognizable in the layout.

A section also defines the layout within the section, that means the order in which the components are arranged.

If a section contains a table instead of multiple input fields it is called TableSection.


Each HTML element of a section can be accessed via an ID. This can be used, for instance, to identify a section for UI testing. By default the simple name of the class is used as ID. Alternatively the annotation '@SectionID' can be used to specify a method that returns the ID for the section.

A method annotated with '@SectionID' is called exactly once when the section is created. The id remains the same for the duration of the session and is not updated dynamically.

To access the section id, the helper method Sections.getSectionId(Object) may be used.