Application Framework

Error Handling

Unhandled runtime exceptions in the application are handled by a so-called ErrorHandler. By default, linkki shows information about the occurred error within a dialog.

Default error dialog

The default error dialog displays following information about the exception:

  • the cause message

  • the stacktrace if the application doesn’t run in the production mode

On confirmation, the user is redirected to the main application URL and an additional errorOccurred query parameter is added. This parameter enables the target view to react to the error. It can be useful to enable or disable certain features in BeforeLeaveHandler#beforeLeave(BeforeLeaveEvent) in case of an error. For more information refer to Vaadin’s BeforeLeaveEvent.

Customizing the error handling behavior

The ErrorHandler is defined by ApplicationConfig#getErrorHandler(). The default dialog can be customized by creating a different ErrorDialogConfiguration within this method. Following values can be configured:

  • the URL to navigate to on confirmation

  • the caption of the dialog

  • the displayed error message

  • whether the exception cause message should be shown (default: true)

  • whether the exception stacktrace should be shown (default: false in production mode, otherwise true)

Overriding the used error handler within a concrete implementation of ApplicationConfig
public ErrorHandler getErrorHandler() {
    var config = ErrorDialogConfiguration.createWithHandlerNavigatingTo(route)
    return new DialogErrorHandler(config);

For a higher degree of customization, use a new implementation of ErrorHandler in ApplicationConfig#getErrorHandler().