UI Components


A component that allows switching between different contents, using either a horizontal or vertical tab bar. Only a single tab can be active at a time.

This is a replacement for the linkki Vaadin 8 SidebarSheet and TabSheetArea.

tablayout combined
Create Tabs

Tabs are added to the layout using a LinkkiTabSheet. The tab sheet is created using a builder:

        LinkkiTabLayout linkkiTabLayout = new LinkkiTabLayout();
                .caption("Tab Sheet Caption")

To create a LinkkiTabSheet as sidebar layout, use newSidebarLayout(), and icons as captions. A description can also be provided which is displayed by hovering the mouse over the icon.

        LinkkiTabLayout linkkiTabLayout = LinkkiTabLayout.newSidebarLayout();
                .description("Sidebar One")
Toggle Visibility of Tabs

A tab can be dynamically set to visible or invisible by providing a BooleanSupplier in the builder of LinkkiTabSheet using the method visibleWhen(BooleanSupplier). The suppliers must return true to set the tab visible and false to set it invisible.

The method LinkkiTabLayout#updateSheetVisibility() must be triggered to update the visibility state. The method is automatically called by Vaadin’s AfterNavigationEvent, that means the visibility state is at least updated when there is a navigation to the view containing the tabs.

Selection Change Events

There are several possibilities to receive a selection change event in case a new tab is selected. All events are also triggered for the auto-selection when the first tab is added to the tab layout.

Implement AfterTabSelectedObserver

Components implementing this interface will receive a TabSheetSelectionChangeEvent when the LinkkiTabSheet they are attached to is selected. Additional details and limitations can be found in the javadoc of AfterTabSelectedObserver.

Adding a listener to LinkkiTabLayout

Use the method addSelectedChangeListener(ComponentEventListener<SelectedChangeEvent>) to get a SelectedChangeEvent containing the selected tab.

Adding a listener to LinkkiTabSheet

It is also possible to add a listener directly to the LinkkiTabSheet using addTabSelectionChangeListener(ComponentEventListener<TabSheetSelectionChangeEvent>). The returned Registration could be used to unregister the listener.


New utility class that offers several methods for styling UI components

  • setOverflowAuto(Component): Sets the overflow of the given Component to "auto". This makes the Component automatically scroll if necessary.

  • setFormItemLabelWidth(Component, String): Sets the width of all form item labels in the given Component.