Importing Styles

Styles can be imported and applied by adding the annotation @CssImport to a class, specifying the path to the imported CSS file that is located in the src/main/resources/META-INF/resources/frontend folder.

The following example shows the usage of @CssImport for a file import containing style definitions that are only applied to MyCustomDialog, whereas the my-custom-dialog.css is located in a /my-styles/ subfolder of the above mentioned path.

Import CSS file into the global scope
public class MyCustomDialog extends Dialog {

Furthermore, it is possible to use the @CssImport annotation to import component-specific style sheets, that is only applied for the given component.

Import CSS file into the local scope of the TextField component
@CssImport(value = "./my-styles/my-custom-text-field.css", themeFor = "vaadin-text-field")
public class MyCustomComponent extends Component {
In order to avoid large CSS files, it is recommended to split up style definitions into smaller, separate style files and then applied only on the corresponding classes in which they are used.

For more information refer to Vaadin styling documentation