Application Framework


Creating dialogs with PMOs using layout annotation

Dialogs can be created with PMOs annotated with any layout annotation when using PmoBasedDialogFactory. Instances of PmoBasedDialogFactory with a pre-configured IpsPropertyDispatcherFactory can be created using IpsDialogCreator#create() or IpsDialogCreator#with(ValidationService) methods.

PMO classes without any layout annotation are not supported when using PmoBasedDialogFactory
Creating a dialog using PmoBasedDialogFactory
            new PmoBasedDialogFactory().openOkDialog("Dialog containing @UIVerticalLayout",
                                                     new VerticalLayoutTestContentPmo());
PMO using @UIVerticalLayout
    private static class VerticalLayoutTestContentPmo {
        @UILabel(position = 0)
        public String getText() {
            return "Some text";