Application Framework


For every sheet it is useful to have a headline that describes the current content. It natively has a headline caption and could be extended by subclasses.

create report simple

To use a Headline simply instantiate and add the component to your content.

If you want the Headline’s title to be updated dynamically, you can also bind it to a PMO. To do so, create a PMO containing a corresponding getter method for Headline#HEADER_TITLE:

public class HeadlinePmo {

    private List<Report> reports;

    public HeadlinePmo(List<Report> reports) {
        this.reports = reports;

    public String getHeaderTitle() {
        return "Report List - Existing reports: " + reports.size();

Then bind it with the headline:

        new Binder(headline, headlinePmo).setupBindings(getBindingContext());