Release Notes

Version 1.5.0

New features and improvements

  • @BindTooltip now uses the title attribute which can be used on every element. Limitation: Text only. Html Tags are removed.<br> tags are converted to \n.

  • LinkkiTabSheetBuilder#onSelectionHandler has been removed. There are multiple alternatives available.

  • linkki-application-framework-vaadin14 now includes linkki-vaadin14-component and linkki-core-nestedcomponent-vaadin14 as dependencies

  • @UILink behaves like a label if the link location (href) is empty.

  • @UILabel can now be used with data types other than String such as LocalDate, LocalDateTime and Faktor-IPS Decimal. See documentation of @UILabel) for further information.

  • @UILabel can now be made right aligned in a table using the style name LinkkiApplicationTheme#TEXT_RIGHT_ALIGNED.

  • LinkkiApplicationTheme#GRID_FOOTER_SUM can now be used with @BindStyleNames annotated table PMOs to make table footer text bold and right aligned.

  • ComponentStyles: New utility class that offers several methods for styling Components. See ComponentStyles.


Usage of @UIComboBox with items that don’t implement equals

Returning new instances that do not implement equals in the getter or available values previously caused a loop that constantly reset the combo box.

While this problem has been fixed, it is still not recommended to return new instances that do not implement equals. This causes problems when expanding the drop down list: Items must be loaded every single time and the selected item is not highlighted correctly.

Other bugfixes

  • Fixed the bug in IpsPropertyDispatcher that fields with an empty value set are set as required.

  • Fields now use the ValueChangeMode.ON_CHANGE instead of ValueChangeMode.ON_BLUR

  • Adding a LinkkiTabSheet with Text components to a LinkkiTabLayout no longer causes an UnsupportedOperationException

  • Fix button shortcut behavior

  • Width of labels in FormLayout can be set using setFormItemLabelWidth(Component, String) in ComponentStyles.